Your dream backyard oasis awaits

The next question is where you go from here. At Stonewall we have a very straightforward and standardized process we take our clients through that makes your project as easy and stress-free as possible. This process is designed to ensure that our clients feel in control at every step and to facilitate seamless communication so that your project gets completed on-time and on budget.

Initial Meeting

The initial meeting is simply to get an idea of what the scope of your project is.  We meet with you at your home or business to discuss what you want, specific needs, specific design features, and overall functionality of your project.  Our goal at this point is to understand and absorb exactly what gets you excited and what your visions are.

Conceptual Design

Once we have a clear idea of your project entails, we begin the design process.  We truly understand every project is different and has specific needs.  Depending on the complexity of your design, 2 dimensional “birds eye view” drawings are created to ensure we have encapsulated what your project will look like.  If needed, 3D photo realistic computer renders are provided when further design ideas need to be explored.  Once we all agree on how your project will look on paper…the fun begins!


With everyone on the same page on your project, a contract is drawn.  Once a deposit is made we begin with permit applications(if needed) and get your project in our schedule.  It is at this point we can give a better estimate on when your project will be completed.  From this contract, we know exactly what materials to order and what equipment to have on hand.


Everyone we work with is excited for day 1 of construction…and so are we.  The transformation is about to begin!  At this point, any details during the construction phase will be communicated with you and anyone else involved in your project.  We handle all inspections and work hard to keep your project on schedule.  Just about everyday you will see us molding your backyard into reality.  Feel free to say “Hi!” when you see us.  A knowledgeable foreman will be on-site and ready to answer any questions.  At the end of everyday of construction we leave your property tidy and safe.


The best part of the process.  After watching your project progress everyday, the time has finally come to sit back and enjoy what has been created.  Call your friends, call your family, call your neighbors(who have been watching this entire time) to come over and enjoy your new outdoor living space.

Reach out! We are just as excited to start on your project as you are!